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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

While We're On a Roll

Recently, I had a vivid dream about applying to (gasp) law school.

I was apprehensive about my visit to the school (for purposes of sitting in on a class and possibly having an interview). I had trouble finding my way around (there was some confusion about which classes and offices were in the new law school, and which in the old law school some blocks away).

There was also a subplot about stealing a car or some such. Not to worry. I probably had diplomatic immunity.

On my arrival at the school, I was irked to find that many of the other applicants had ingratiated themselves with the faculty, office staff, and admissions committee through previous contacts.

I was even more irked that the used-clothing sale at the law school featured bad '70s- and '80s-style acrylic knits.

And, of course, I was worried about being able to get through the admissions process and law school itself (let alone clerkships, associate positions, etc.) because my brain has turned to trivia-filled mush.

Come to think of it, the "old law school" building on the campus map looked a lot like the "old physics building" at my undergrad school. Interpretation is left as an exercise for those with absolutely nothing better to do.


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