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Thursday, November 25, 2004

Wide World of Snores

I'm not fond of team sports. (That's an understatement.)*

However, I do see the point of athletic events that pit the individual against his or her previous best efforts, against others at the top of their game, etc.

So I've been honing my skills in my particular event.

After training for years, I'm now ready to step forward and try out for the Olympic sleep squad.

- - - - -
*MEGO** when anyone tries to talk to me about team sports. Conversations usually go like this:

"Your team lost the Big Game!"

"Huh? Team? Game?"

"YOU know, the BIG GAME! Your team lost -- nyah, nyah!"

"Um, I'm not on any sports team. Are you thinking of someone else?"

"No, YOUR TEAM lost."

"I don't have a team."

"The team that you should be supporting LOST THE GAME last weekend."

"Really? I was running errands last weekend. Oop, I have a meeting to go to."

And so forth.

- - - - -
** MEGO = my eyes glaze over


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