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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Poor Baby -- Go Have a Liedown and a Good Cry

Sign of the imminent collapse of the self-indulgent, overpriced restaurant meal?

This just in from the N.Y. Times:

Eric Ripert, the owner and chef [of four-star Manhattan restaurant Le Bernardin, where prix fixe is $92], winces every time a customer orders the wild salmon on a bed of asparagus.
"If you choose the salmon you kill us," Mr. Ripert said. "We are losing money every time we sell a portion."
The dollar's weakness, Mr. Ripert said, "is a real disaster at the level of the truffles."

Cry me a river.

No, wait, I'm being insensitive.

Here's a paper hankie.

Now go bleep off.

Oh, and if it helps at all, I promise never to come to your four-star restaurant and order the salmon.


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