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Friday, December 03, 2004

Blink to Me Only With Thine Aieee!s

A recent nightmare combined a school dream and a contact lens dream. In the dream, I had to sleep in a campsite or a gym, and was worried about being unable to take out my contacts, clean them, and store them overnight.

The odd thing is that I haven't worn contact lenses in years. I have tried three kinds, with varying success, and eventually had to go back to eyeglasses. The difficulty common to all these attempts is that I don't have enough of a tear film to make contacts comfortable for more than a few hours.

Soft contacts occasionally fell out of my eyes due to dryness, which was a boatload of fun. Especially on a gravel path. In the dark.

You'd think that having a foreign body in the eye would encourage tear formation, but not in my case. I used to have to use eye drops multiple times a day, to the point that my eyes looked as if I'd taken a Jello(tm) shot right in the face.

As for camping, or gym class, well, that's another set of bad memories altogether.


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