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Friday, December 10, 2004

Ozzie and Harriet Mandias Present...

Look on Jen(s)'s blog, ye mighty, and despair!

A recent post, about using an English accent when dealing with idiots, and the psychological horrors of "A Charlie Brown Christmas," is a gem. Or gem(m).

My response (already provided to Jen(n) using actual e-mail):

I heard Steve Martin interviewed on NPR a while back. He mentioned that his (former) wife could say "f**k you" to him, and because of her English accent, it was cute. (Maybe not cute enough, since they divorced.)

As a kid, I found the Peanuts specials unutterably depressing, especially the Christmas ones. (Or do they have just one and play it year after year after year?) Keep in mind that, back in the dark ages before cable TV, there was very little primetime television directed specifically toward kids, so by Gods we watched those specials. Since the Charlie Brown specials were animated shows based on a comic strip, they were supposed to be life-affirming and cute and funny and appropriate for impressionable minds? Right? RIGHT?!? Instead, they were a celebration of untreated depression, bullying, and religious proselytizing in a parent-free world that resembled a suburban Lord of the Flies.

Jen(n) pointed out to me that the Snoopy bits are life-affirming, etc., and I mostly agree. It's just those kids! Those horrible, parentless kids!


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