Dr. Beads

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Irritable? ME?!?

Overheard in the grocery store checkout line:

"We shouldt get that gumbo out. It's cold."

"Yea, get the gumbo out."

"That stale bread wouldt go goood with that gumbo."


"We shouldt get that gumbo out."

"Before it goes bad."


(Changing her mind about a candy bar) "I have to get another one. I don' want this one. It has nougat. I don' like nougat."

"You don' like nougat."

"I don' like nougat."

For the love of the gods, would someone please get that woman a MedicAlert bracelet that reads:
Gumbo: YES
Stale Bread: Optional
Nougat: NO! I don' like nougat


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