Dr. Beads

Sunday, May 01, 2005

The Mob's Greatest Hits!

Coming soon...to a nightmare near you!

GASP as bullets whistle past your ears!

THRILL as an intrepid undercover agent becomes the first female apprentice to the craftman who has a Mob contract...for fine, handcrafted furniture!

WRITHE as you try desperately to escape the awful dream that just won't let you go, even if you wake up and then go back to sleep!

GRIND YOUR TEETH in frustration as a television pseudojournalist interferes with your attempts to shoot at Mob murderers!

WHIMPER as you become an overheated mummy in the tangled blanket!

BLINK IN CONFUSION as you try to separate the vibrant, violent images of the night from the safe reality of the new day!

SIGH as your family members ask you, yet again, why you can't get the hell out of bed at a reasonable time on the weekend!


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