Dr. Beads

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Some Call It Sleep, I Call It A Horror Movie

Complex, horrifying nightmares R us.

I dreamed that I lived next door to a vicious, child-abusing pervert. He knew that I was trying to get the police to pay attention to him. When I arrived home one day, another next-door neighbor, President Bush, ignored my agitation over evidence that the perv neighbor had broken into my house.

"Cuh-mone, cuh-mone, it'll be awl raht," Chimp said, waving me up the path to his house.

From his house, it was obvious that someone had broken into my house and put up bizarre posters on the inside of the windows. The perv neighbor had done this to make it clear that he could get to me any time he wanted.

But damned Chimp couldn't care less.

Bush, you ineffective, jelly-brained mush-mouth, you!
{shakes fist in frustration}


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