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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Speaking of Real-Life Graphic Violence…

The “BTK” serial killer has finally been arrested in Wichita for roughly 10 gruesome, sadistic murders he committed mainly 25 – 30 years ago.
Guess what? He’s married with children, active in his Christian church, and a former Cub Scout leader.

He kept mementos of his vicious crimes (victims’ personal belongings and IDs, and even photos of the bodies) for up to 30 years, and then sent them to the media. We may never know whether he did this to taunt the police, to arouse widespread fear after a long dry spell, or to make himself more vulnerable to capture.

I do wonder how he managed to keep those items intact and secret from his family. My kids find objects from my distant past that I don’t even remember keeping. They investigate the items thoroughly.

If I had Polaroid snaps of corpses tucked away in a drawer, not only would my kids find them, they’d turn my sociopathic ass in to the police.


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