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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Waiting for an Asteroid to Wipe Out the SUVs

I witnessed a low-speed collision in a parking lot today. A woman backed her Chevy Suburban into the side of a passing sports car (perhaps a Mazda Miata) while attempting to leave a parking space. I had heard a car horn honk moments before the collision, but I don’t know the source. However, I do know that the sports car didn’t just appear out of nowhere and race past the backing up behemoth.

I have mixed feelings about who was at fault. On the one hand, as someone who drives a compact, I try to be verrry careful when driving near huge cars whose drivers show any inclination to back up, since size and momentum favor the huge cars, and my back would sue me if I in any way contributed to its being injured again. On the other hand, the driver of an auto as big as a T. rex needs to have very good neck flexibility and excellent sideview mirror technique, and must be careful not to run over the furry little mammals.

A few minutes after the collision, I saw the SUV driver, again trying to back up, give the right of way to cars about 10 feet away. The mammals might evolve into lawyers, after all.


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