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Friday, March 04, 2005

I woke up to what I hoped was not Stevie Nicks on the radio, singing, in full-blast vibrato and the bottom of her tortured vocal range, about "a room" and "some lace." (It couldn’t be just "lace," it had to be "some lace." How charmingly and specifically non-specific.)

It was Nicks, natch. After I recovered from my Nicks-induced nausea, I googled the relevant phrases. What to my startled eyes should appear, but a plethora of sites citing the words as part of the lyric of "Gypsy." I’d forgotten that song years ago, and now it’s my earworm. Damn.

"Gypsy" has got to be one of the most sickeningly self-referential-in-the-third-person songs in the Nicks oeuvre, right up there with "Rhiannon."

It’s hard to pin down just what it is about Stevie Nicks's persona and singing that makes me feel like someone is sticking a be-ringed finger (or maybe an entire be-bangled wrist, or even a multiply be-scarved torso) down my throat. That won’t stop me from making a list, though.

1.) The gauzy clothing
2.) The swirling round and round
3.) The whole "I think I’m a witch/ Now I think I’m a gypsy/Adore and protect me even though I’m pretending to be certifiably insane and anyway it's all aboout me, me, ME" shtick
4.) The overly made-up doe eyes
5.) The voice that doesn’t quite hit the right notes, and beats the listener over the head with vibrato even when the lyric doesn’t call for emotional emphasis
6.) The mere existence of the song "Sit on my face, Stevie Nicks"


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