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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Paranoia May Destroy Ya

I've been getting fresh fuel for my paranoia.

I was tailgated by an elderly couple in a car sporting an extra (demon-red) license plate below the regular one. The car had its left-hand turn signal on for no reason, too.

After I escaped from the clutches of the elderly tailgaters-cum-demonic-license plate-holders, I was nearly bashed into by a car driver by another elderly man. That car sported a special veteran's license plate. The driver didn't react to my repeated blasts on the horn after I slammed on the brake.

A few days later, while I was stuck in local commute traffic, a youngish man in a nearby gas guzzler called out in a gringo (i.e., non-ethnic) accent, "Oy, vaay. Locks and bay-gulls. Oh vaaaay." Then he peeled out in a right-hand turn, honking his horn. My daughter claims the honking was for a woman, walking nearby, who was wearing a bikini top.

Jeebus! Is it time to remove the Gefilte fish emblem from my car, as well as the liberal bumper stickers and the Darwin fish?


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