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Friday, November 18, 2005

You Got to Have Friends...

...who tell you the weird stuff that happens at work.

My best female friend recently had to make an all-day business trip with her boss, who, the way my friend tells it, had her mouth running on ramming speed all day.

Add in the fact that the boss is a rather prissy woman who wastes no opportunity to refer to herself and her many (usually ancient) accomplishments, and who always seizes the opportunity to shift attention away from others who are less self-promoting and, in some cases, are right then being thanked or congratulated for accomplishing an important professional or personal goal), and it's not a pretty picture.

My friend summed it up:
"It was like being in a lifeboat with Howdy Doody."


  • LMAO! So I guess with doocing and stuff like that, I can sort of understand the reference to your best female friend. But why is this dated 2 days in the future? Did you time travel and are you already enjoying your Friday night and weekend, while the rest of us are still stuck on Wednesday?! :P

    By Blogger Gwendolyn, at 8:58 PM  

  • On the basis of an imaginary conversation with my bucket of lawyers, I nearly deleted your comment, Gwen. (Hey, I'm not paraoid, merely realistic.)

    Yes, I can travel in time, but I can't take any objects (e.g., cameras or newspapers) with me to prove it.

    By Blogger Dr. Beads, at 3:52 PM  

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