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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Up the Lazy Blogpath; Up the Lazy, Crazy Blogpath

Since it's been a hard week, and I've been expending most of my limited creative juices on IMs, I thought I'd provide a transcript of an IM exchange between me and a work friend after we capped off several days' dealing with difficult clients by holding a phone meeting with those clients.

Sally [alias]: grammatical question: is it clearer or any more clearly?
Sally: I mean "clearer" or "any more clearly"? Am trying to give you kudos
Dr. Rachel Beads [alias]: Context for "clearer" vs "more clearly"? A pedant needs context.
Sally: You did a wonderful job running that meeting. I don't think the issues could have been addressed any clearly.
Rachel: Why, THANK you, Sally! {mwah!}
Sally: that last sentence needs fixin'
Rachel: "I don't think the issues could have been addressed any more clearly."
Rachel: "Rachel needs a large drink, clearly."
Sally: sorry, you have to edit your own kudos
Rachel: "My next drink must be clearer. That last one was nearly opaque."
Sally: hmmm
Sally: work on that please
Rachel: Something tentacular is trying to climb out of my drink.
Sally: oh god, no. [Demonically irritating manager] is in your drink too?
Rachel: Yes, feel free to send kudos to [my immediate manager], and to [demonically irritating manager].
Rachel: OMG
Sally: [Demonically irritating manager]'s f'g everywhere
Rachel: BACK! BACK! arggggg
Rachel: glrkljlslllglllellelellhbhlkbklbnm,nmnn,sfmnm,,,,
Rachel: glug
Sally: LOL
Sally: please try to stop gagging
Rachel: drowning, not gagging
Sally: oh no
Rachel: I just want to crawl into bed (or to the bead table) and forget about frigging [application that customers complain about instead of fixing their workflow] for a few days.
Sally: yes, I truly understand
Sally: I got a heartwarming email from [generally irritating manager] today
Rachel: Chain mail? Oh, email. Sorry, had a vision of her wearing a metal visor and swinging a mace.
Sally: she said after being on a number of “issues calls” w/ me, she's gotten some real insight into just how hellish my job is
Rachel: Gee whillickers
Sally: LOL
Sally: I NEVER imagined that kind of nice note from her
Rachel: She must be mellowing in her old age.
Sally: she concluded it with more niceness
Rachel: Wow. Did she ask you to come to her church?
Sally: lol
Sally: Church of ?
Rachel: Whatever church extends its noodly appendage to her.
Rachel: Just got your kudos [in email]. Thanks, Sally!
Sally: lol
Sally: you're welcome
Rachel: I just got the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster gospel book from [bookseller] today!
Rachel: I will share the Good Word (and the al dente pasta) on your return.
Sally: lol
Sally: ok
Rachel: So, I THINK we're okay until the next disaster.
Sally: yeah, that's how the [work with bothersome customer] goes
Sally: I hate them
Rachel: Thar she blows!
Sally: lol
Rachel: It's a [bothersome customer] WHALE! For any other customer, it would be a guppy.
Sally: I was fighting back some responses [during the meeting]
Rachel: Yeah, me toooooo.
Sally: You were very good
Rachel: Thank you! Did you like how I said that the [ridiculous workaround for a problem that they had misidentified as a technical issue instead of user error] was no longer needed, instead of never f'g needed in the first place?
Sally: lol, yes. Very clever
Rachel: I really felt my voice getting higher and higher as the meeting went on. Good thing it didn't go past 30 min or I would have had all the neighborhood dogs howling.
Rachel: Well, Have a soooper time off, Sally.
Sally: It went unnoticed
Rachel: squeak
Sally: Thanks, Rachel. :-)
Sally: See you on Monday
Rachel: Yes......where's that flask?
Rachel: So are we going offsite next month?
Rachel: I sure hope so.
Sally: not in your pocket?
Rachel: No pockets in this damned dress.
Sally: Yes, let's do the Japanese place on [major street in urban center]?
Rachel: Have to bead a special carrybag.
Sally: Ta Ke Sushi
Rachel: Gi Me Sake?
Sally: very good
Sally: you'll have to wait, Rachel
Rachel: Lo Tso Sake
Rachel: Sa Ke Now Pliz
Sally: There's a place in [nearbly town] that does tastings
Rachel: Good thing we both type quickly
Rachel: Tastings? Oooohhhhhh....
Rachel: oooooooooooooo
Rachel: oooooOOOOOOOoooo
Sally: yes, I can't remember the name, but it's right near [street] by [one of the many Interstate freeways in the area]
Rachel {Googling}: [name of sake company]
Sally: Yeah, think so
Sally: I'll have to check when I drive by tonight
Rachel: Drive-by sake tasting? cool
Sally: wow
Rachel: Can I have that in a go-cup please? Domo arigato.
Sally: lol
Rachel: Aaaawwlllll gone. More sake, please.
Rachel: Domo
Rachel: More, please
Rachel: I'm getting hysterical. Gotta go so I can breathe into a paper bag, and so you can get out.
Sally: ok ttyl
Rachel: byeeee
Sally: bye


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