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Friday, December 09, 2005

Got Whiteboard?

Dr. Littlebro (alias) sent me an e-mail thread about a work metric.
The e-mail included a variety of equations.
The terms of the equations required text definitions.
The text definitions involved Boolean logic.

Not only were different equations being used, but different text definitions and different logical operators were being juggled by several contributors (?) to the e-mail thread.

I couldn't make sense of it.

I replied:

"Dude. This is too complex in text form for my poor, beadraggled brain.

It's like one of those puzzles in which you have to assign seats at the dinner table for Sally, Terri, Billy, Chester, Irma, and Raul:

Sally and Terri won't sit together because each suspects the other of cheating with Irma.

Billy wants to sit next to Sally because he likes to look down her shirt.

Chester has to sit at the corner of the table so he can bolt for the door in case he has a panic attack.

Irma must not under any circumstances sit next to Billy because she'll attack him with the salad fork if she catches him looking down her shirt again.

Raul wants to sit next to either Chester or Billy so he can talk about his new sports car and pick up macho points.

This type of puzzle can only be solved visually, e.g. by using a chart.
Got a white board handy?"


  • Sigh - those are the only GRE questions I actually did well on.

    By Blogger Jen(n), at 6:18 PM  

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