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Saturday, September 03, 2005

There Will Be No Body Count in N.O.

There will be no body count in New Orleans.

The Repugs/Retardicans/Fucktardicans will claim a public health risk and will have the entire area bulldozed or burned.

They dismantled the parts of government that actually serve and protect the citizens regardless of power or money, and the result is that a city that was 2/3 black (and largely poor) was the victim of a preventable disaster of Old Testament proportions.

The fucktards who claim to love Jesus Christ, yet don't follow his teachings, let it happen. Made it happen. It wasn't the revenge of the God of the Old Testament. It was the result of a smirk and a prayer to the gods of old-boyism and cronyism and oil money.

There will be no final counting of the bodies of the old, the young, the sick, the desperate, who drowned in their lower-floor apartments.

The survivors are being shipped to Republican strongholds.

What a coup for redistricting.

Too bad I don't really believe in a Hell or other forms of divine retribution.


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