Dr. Beads

Monday, March 20, 2006

Back to Our Irregularly Scheduled Inanity

People, this is just Godsdamn bizarre.

And I'm not sure what to make of the subheading.

Feel free to discuss among yourselves.

- - - - -

More posts on my highly energy-sapping dreams are on the way. Don't despair.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Blogging for Int'l Women's Day, and Blog for Choice Day

This is International Women's Day, and Blog for Choice Day.

I hereby declare that I blog, and live, for:

Human rights
Intelligent discourse
Good books

Further, I declare that I will no longer tolerate:

Intolerance (quite a conundrum there, eh?)
Control freaks
Men who deny the right of women to feel any damn way we please
Men who, by word or action, claim that they should have a say (or even the only say) in a woman's use of contraception or abortion
Men who, by word or action, claim that maternity leave is a vacation
Democrats who pressure women to push reproductive choice to the back burner
Men who, by word or action, claim that the effects of sexism on them (men) outweigh the effects on actual women
Men who lie
Men who cheat
Men who leave
Men who skip out on child support
Men who use physical force, or the threat of physical force, against women or children
Men who use and/or portray women as sex toys, idiots, and/or household appliances
Women who use and/or portray men as sugar daddies and/or bumbling fools
Anyone who claims that stripping, prostitution, etc., is a woman's free and "empowering" choice
Anyone who claims that there is no longer significant discrimation against women, as women, here in the United States
Men who excuse oppression and terrorization of women in other countries as "cultural"
Religious fanatics
Men who have children with more than two women
Women who voluntarily have children with more than two men
Women in positions of authority who act like assholes
Women who, by word or action, support any of the above men

I retain the right to revise this list as I see fit.
He dicho.