Dr. Beads

Friday, January 25, 2008

Yeah, I Know, He's Just a Kid

Some highlights of conversations with my son over the past few months:

[My son makes a "look at me!" gesture using both hands, splay-fingered]
Son: What's this called?
Me: "Hello, sailor?"
- - - -
Me: I got rid of one of my alts in that pirate game. The character's name made it sound like she should be wearing leather and spike heels.
Son: And don't forget the fishnet stockings.
- - - -
[While helping load a van with stuuf from our storage unit, my son has just leaned slightly over a piece of furniture with bits of wood extending from it at his waist level and gotten his belt caught]
Son (surprised): Hey, it undid my belt buckle.
Me: It's been alone for a long time.